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>> anton and his fellow assyrians will hope it full for a pack. cbn news washington >> you can hear more of andre in his interview, just log on to our website
6:33 am christian in nigeria remains on high alert after bombing on two different churches on sunday. the bombings follow an increase in violence in that area. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks but officials say a militant islamic group recently warned people to avoid christian nutritions. a new nation joined the world this week after south sudan declared its independence. the peace between the north and south could unravel. gary layne has more. >> reporter: was a day of jubilation. the capital city of the world's newest nation of south sudan. for more than 20 years, the people of the south, mostly black african christians, fought in civil war with northern arabs. they resisted sudanese effortses to
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force them to become muslim. >> people died and struggling to be free. the majority of the south are christians. these are people that paid with their life. shed their blood for the chance to be free. for me, we've been working here for over 20 years for many christian organizations, cbn has been involved here helping the people during the time of struggle. >> reporter: but u.s. alabama to the united nations peace between the north and south could be temporary. she said u.s. is concerned about unresolved issues. mostly over exact demarcation of the border and sharing of oil revenues. especially in the mountains threaten southern independence and still poses a danger. during a meeting south sudan
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president, it helped rebuild 433 churches in south sudan. a couple of them were burned in recent fighting. he paid for the world's -- prayed for the world's newest country. >> heavenly father come today to thank thank you -- thank you and praise you for the gift of freedom and the birth of this new nation. father we pray for the president that you would guide him, direct him. >> reporter: gary lane, cbn news. >> while south sudanese celebrated, the president said he's concerned for christians in the north. he said about the bashir threatened to fight the law there. in the united kingdom
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extremist muslims are calling for the establishment of islamic state. as peter reports the proposal has christians very troubled. >> reporter: muslims against the crusade is a controversial group. to be turned into states ruled only by islamic law. any plans to enforce sharia law in u.k. are completely ridiculous. >> it's totally nonstarter. it's nothing but a public stunt. most muslims, are law-abiding productive citizens in this country do not wish to have sharia law here. >> reporter: christian leaders say, one of the towns affected by the proposal, are deeply disturbed by the plan.
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david told cbn news. what was it that frighten people in the country? it's a very small group. they try and get as much publicity as they can and it worries people that somehow we will subject to sharia law. terry quinn is on a to relaunch it. >> many muslims in the area are welcoming. so, the extremist group don't represent what the muslims really believe. >> reporter: he believes these proposals don't represent the wishes of muslim population there. >> clearly they are -- they do
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not speak for the vast majority of muslims. they don't speak for the vast majority of people. >> reporter: christians are fighting the proposals saying islamic law is compatible with britain's christian heritage and value. last month, cox, introduced a bill in the house of law. >> in britain we have a country where many people have died to protect democratic freedom. we now have a law an alternative to develop in our land which is fundamentally incompatible with democratic freedom. many citizens, especially women, are suffering as a result. >> reporter: the head of the communication might judge the latest announcement is proof that they are seeking to
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propose it. >> they want to propose sharia law on the community and that's precisely why we're backing the bail house of law. it's going to ensure there's a quality before the law. >> reporter: this proposal may seen unlikely, christians say it force them to stand against increasing islamic influence in their nation. cbn news, brad ford england. coming up christians in japan praying for a spiritual awakening. why they believe god is using disasters to draw people to him.
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>> welcome back. christians in japan struggling to share the gospel. however the recent disasters are causing many japanese to reconsider their lives. japan's churches
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are praying for a spiritual shaking in the country. >> reporter: whether they're in church or standing on a street corner, the members of this church loudly sing their songs of grace. these young people are part of new youth movement that many japanese christians hope will revive japan's churches. this philippinos pastor was born and raised in hawaii. the church in japan is small and getting smaller everyday. the average japanese church has 30 people and many have less than 10 members. church historians says, traditional churches are dying out. >> after the war, a lot of them came to japan as christians. so, after the war,
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you know, the japanese church went a lot. now a lot of prophets are getting older and now facing the time for retirement. also many members are getting older too. >> reporter: like most christians, he believe god is using the recent disasters to open the hearts of japanese people. christians here are praying for a different kind of aftershock and that is a spiritual wakening of the japanese people. businessman, saw how the proverb god restored his marriage after a divorce. >> i didn't pay attention. >> reporter: his christian god visited him in new york where he moved and took him to watch the passion of the christ, the movie on easter. later back in japan, she brought him to the church their
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family have been attending since converting to christianity. >> i keep crying again. i don't know why. i accept jesus. it's the begin of my new life. >> reporter: two years ago, he remarried his ex-wife. today, they have a harmonious relationship with christ at the center of their marriage. at work, he shares his faith with his colleagues. he invites them to visit grace church where he serves as an interprettor. >> wing thing we have -- one thing we have is a lot of joy and laughter. that's what god wants to bring into this
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nation that there is a reality of joy, serving god and knowing god. we also cater to the young people. we let the young people step up and take charge of the music. do our preaching. young people love it. they want to participate in the growth of the church. >> reporter: the youth go out of their way to spread god's love. singing gospel songs on the street. >> we just pray and worship on the street and let god move and touch people's lives. when someone stands next to you, we talk to them. >> reporter: these young christians hope through their involvement, the church can be maybe young again. cbn news, tokyo. that's so awesome. 70% of japanese claim no religion less than 2% of japans
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127 million people are christian. up next, overcoming danger should be a witness for christ. this columbian woman shares her faith in a war zone.
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>> in hungary some evangelicals feel the law strips their freedom. one pastor said it's the greatest discrimination against evangelicals since communism. not all agree, we spoke to dr. peter hock and a deacon. he believes the fears are overblown. >> i understand that some church is a little bit afraid of this process. but up until now, we don't know how it will work. we don't have reason to be suspicious. >> faith church maintained its status under the new
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law. turning now to south america, deep in the columbian jungle. a christian woman and her two children are overcoming danger to shine forth the light of christ. in the middle of a armed conflict, she's refusing to take sides. greg brings us this exclusive report. >> reporter: gabriel and her children, 15-year-old bella and 17-year-old juan, not their real name, rely on the lord's protection to keep them safe. they live deep in the jungles of columbia where drug traffickers and government soldiers are active. gabriela has compassion for all of these groups. in 2006, her life had fallen apart.
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gabriela said she became depressed. after becoming spiritually abused. it gave her several powered radios which were preset with christian raid station. she begin listening to the biblical teachings, studied the scriptures for herself. through the lord's powerful work in her life, gabriela became a committed follower of jesus and was a changed woman. >> my whole outlook on life changed. i really begin to love my children and i realized i hadn't really loved them. >> reporter: after seeing the lord work a miracle in the life of their mother, juan and bella said they will serve jesus no matter the cost or danger. they want to see others set free from their spiritual darkness. >> we see a lot of young people
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either joining the gorilla or the military. a lot of young people going into the city and joining gangs. as long as they do this, there's going to be a lot of violence and we are not going to do that. >> reporter: what they will do is pray for them and reach out to them with god's love. gay brel -- >> the lord has given us peace in the middle of all this. whatever side comes into our house, the lord gives us the words to say to them, and ways to reach out to them. >> reporter: juan and bella work with rollo and others to distribute radios, christian books and bibles. >> when i find young people, especially the girls that
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don't have clothe, then i get something ready and i take it to them. i scatter around and see what the needs are. the gorilla returned one day so see if i had anymore raid doe. their radios had been destroyed and lost when the government bombed them. they said the radios were the most important thing to them. >> reporter: she said she's not afraid to continue her ministry because she is seeing amazing result. >> the lord given us peace throughout all of this. whatever side comes into our house, the lord gives us the word to say to them and ways to reach out to them. >> reporter: she saids some of the gorilla commanders have come to christ. two of them called gabriela just two days. >> they said they love me very much and to pray for them.
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>> reporter: the message through prince of peace is making a huge difference in this violent country one life at a time. >> thanks for that report. you can find daily stories about the church around the world on our website. just visit we will be right back.
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>> one of the most famous bible stories is noah's arc. now people can visit a life-size replica of the art in one of the world's most famous cities, hong kong. >> reporter: the arc rises next to a huge expensive bridge. it story begins with a unique partnership including a government, a developer and christian organization working together. in the late '90s hong kong needed a bridge.
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matthew know the arc theme park. >> there was a island that needed to be developed to enable the building of the bridge. >> reporter: as a lawyer for the developers, hugo chance message to the government was >> we can help you build the bridge. with the owners of the land on the island. build a theme park for the community. let us relocate the villagers and build a residential development. >> reporter: so the government built a bridge. but at first, they didn't know what kind of theme park. >> they had vision to do something remarkable. something outstanding. so they came up with many ideas. some of them were outrages and some unreasonable. >> reporter: but the big vision of the arc came from a little arc. >> it came from the heart of 8-year-old girl. she drew a little picture. her dad took it and the government officials took it. they
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developed a plan. the marketing team came along side. the hong kong government came to support it as well. >> reporter: the contractors built the same arc the same dimensions the bible said noah did. 300 cubics long, 30 cubics high. many believe it was the largest wooden structure ever. one thing you noticed up close is that it's big, very big. outside it features 70 pairs of life size replicas of animals. inside it contains exhibits of animals, a can and exotic fish. it shows how the arc could have been constructed. you also discovered story of major flood is nearly universal throughout the world's ancient culture. the design told
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noah's story at the time he opened the arc at the flood. >> the reason we chose that moment in the story. this is the message we want to bring to hong kong and bring to china today. it's there, in our lives we will also face flood. we will face trial. we will face difficulty and face tribulations. in our lives sometimes that's sick sanction. sometimes it's financial troubles. if we can find vessel to pass through those storms that threaten our very lives, then we can pass through, have a new beginning, have a new hope as it was in noah's day. >> reporter: chris mitchell cbn news, hong kong. fascinating. i'm glads lions 
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